The ultimate tracking software solution for your parking guidance system

Our control and monitoring software collects all the information generated by our sensors and allows parking operators to make adjustments remotely. Furthermore, it stores historic data of the use of the parking facility to ease decision making and predict future trends.

ParkManager software becomes the key element to obtain data about parking mobility and behavior. It is also the perfect tool to measure and to compare marketing campaign’s impacts in the establishment.

  • Key Features

  • Control and monitor all ParkHelp systems remotely
  • Obtain reports about your customers’ parking habits
  • Schedule the functioning hours of your systems
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Integrates with third party systems
  • Accessible from everywhere
  • Statistics Modules

  • Average Parking Time
  • Occupancy Histogram
  • Maximum Occupancy
  • Rankings
  • Rotation & Occupation by day/hour
  • Event Lists
  • Scheduler tab

ParkHelp Mobile App

Why force your customers to look for a spot when they don’t have to? The ParkHelp App for Android and iOS devices gives drivers the ability to find or reserve a spot and guide them right to it – saving time, reducing frustrations and drive offs, increase revenue options and have less impact on the environment.

  • Easily Find Available Spaces

    View available parking spaces at select parking facilities

  • Turn-by-turn Directions

    Linked to Google Maps, our mobile app gives turn-by-turn directions directly to the parking facility

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Project Portfolio


Customers Who Trust ParkHelp

“Tenant retention is probably double…. Very few were lost after the improvements were there because very few buildings have all the amenities and sophistication. The property was actually better than brand-new because they never had that kind of parking advantage before.” 

Director of CBRE Global Investors - Galleria Dallas

“At many of the other parking facilities [on the property], the parking systems are turned off. The gate arms are up, they don’t operate because they might be closed when they ought to be open, so they just turn them off and leave the gates up. Or they’re on, and everybody knows that the car counts are wrong.” 

Project Manager - Walter Reed Medical Center

“Ultimately, it was worth the wait, the parking industry is a very fast-paced business. We had to find a system that would keep up with (or a step ahead of) continuously evolving parking technology and would not be outdated by the time all of the systems were installed.” 

Senior Director of Countywide Parking Management - LA Metro

“We’re trying to make it more efficient, providing more information for them instead of driving around and around looking for a space, we’d rather have them studying and enjoying the student life.” 

Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities - University of Washington Bothell

“The reason we decided to install a metering system is that we only have space for about 327 cars, and we have at least 700 employees. People would drive around the garage not knowing if there were any spots available. We incorporated a display board which is right by our main entrance to notify if the garage is full. It did solve the issue that we had.” 

Construction Supervisor - Howard Hughes Medical Institute

“Accuracy is critical… because, as a military medical facility, there are so many handicapped people who come to the medical center. Being able to know exactly where the handicapped spots are is really useful.” 

Project Manager - Walter Reed Medical Center

“This project will accomplish every business objective we had for the project.” 

Design & Construction Project Manager - American Express

“It gets them inside quicker. They get to spend more time inside the property. It’s a better guest experience. We want to give them the best guest experience possible. If they had to ride around the garage looking for a spot, that wouldn’t be a good experience.”

VP, Facilities and Engineering - Pachenga Casino

“This system is more accurate. The other systems are not telling you the truth. If you see a sign out there that says there are 22 spaces available, there might only be two spaces available. They don’t count the cars in and out as accurately as this one does partially because this system is more wireless and is available to monitor better because you don’t have to have as much physical infrastructure.” 

Project Manager - Walter Reed Medical Center

We Can Solve Your Parking Facility Challenges


We Can Solve Your Parking Facility Challenges