Curitiba International Airport has joined the new parking experience thanks to ParkHelp

Curitiba International Airport has become the fourth airport in Brazil to be using ParkHelp Parking Guidance and Smart Lighting Solution.

Smart Lighting Solution exclusively created for parking facilities

ParkHelp Smart Lighting System & Parking Guidance Solution have been installed to achieve a significant improvement on illumination, reduction in energy consumption and enhancement of customer experience. The combination of both solutions makes possible to create multiple lighting configurations and scenarios depending on parking occupancy generating further savings without affecting end-users’ experience.

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ParkHelp is the industry leader in parking solutions tailored for transportation hubs, such as airports. If you need further information about our projects and solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.

In Brazil TACLA Group repeats the new parking experience with ParkHelp

After a successful implementation in Shopping Palladium (Curitiba) with 2,038 parking spaces, TACLA group decided to extend the new parking experience in Shopping Palladium Ponta Grossa. ParkHelp will implement our Indoor Parking Guidance Solution in its parking facility of 826 slots.

At ParkHelp we aim to create the smoothest experience both for drivers and Shopping Mall Operators. If you are a Shopping Mall Manager and you would like to boost visits and enhance customer experience, do not hesitate to contact us.

This is our result in Vietnam: Vietnamese National Assembly

This is the final result of ParkHelp’s project in Hanoi for the Vietnamese National Assembly. Our partner ASTEC installed our Smart Parking Guidance System in the 385 parking spaces’ facility. The project was delivered successfully last April and we hope to further expand ParkHelp’s parking guidance experience throughout the territory.

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First Project in Casablanca: Rachidi Place


Rachidi‘s main goal is to reduce as maximum as possible CO emissions by implementing a mobility plan in its parking facility. That is why the new Rachidi’s Place (in Casablanca’s Grand Theatre) has chosen ParkHelp as the company that will make the parking facility as most efficient as possible. Our partner Iradatcom will install our Intelligent Parking Guidance System in its 750 indoor parking spaces.

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The ultimate smart parking guidance solution in Paris-Asia

ParkHelp will install the ultimate smart parking guidance solution in Paris-Asia jointly with our partner in France JCB Signalization

Paris-Asia will be the new business center located on the outskirts of Paris and it will become the door that will open Asia to Europe. The center focused on the import and export activities will adopt the new parking ecperience with ParkHelp. Its half-covered parking facility will be equipped with 780 indoor parking sensors and pilots that will be placed in each parking space. This solution will reduce traffic congestion whilst giving the smoothest experience to drivers while they are looking for an available parking space.

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